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Is your boiler prepared for winter?

A sharp cold snap could kill your boiler

A lot of people take the view if something is not broken, then don’t fix it, there is a lot of merit in this point of view for most things in life, but when it comes to boilers there are a lot of things going on in the system that we cannot see.

During the course of a central heating systems life air will enter the radiators and corrode the steel, this causes small deposits Magnetite, which is an oxides of Iron, this has the effect of creating a sludge which rests in the base of radiators and eventually builds up so much ,that it creates cold spots at the base of the radiator. These deposits will effectively cause the boiler pump to work harder to produce the heat that has been demanded, this will increase the running cost of the pump and can eventually damage the pump as some of the magnetite floating in the water will end up damaging the pumps moving parts.

Using a filter to keep your central heating clean

Manufacturers such as ATAG, Baxi, Vaillant, Glowworm, Ideal and many others recommend a filter is installed on new installations, but this does not always happen, and even if it does many engineers that come to do the annual service are not always inclined to clean them out, So if you have a filter ask for it to be cleaned.

Other major components are eventually clogged up with magnetite, especially the heat exchanger, which along with the pump can be an expensive repair.

A lot of these problems that occur in central heating systems can largely be avoided, or at least delayed for a long time, if the system water is checked for water quality. Motoring enthusiasts have long been aware that if you change engine oil regularly the life of the engine can be extended way beyond it’s expected life span, this is because clean oil has fewer deposits of debris, which act as a grinding paste to the engine components.

Companies such as Fernox and Magnaclean make products that will help clean your system and prevent the oxygen in your system from being able to create rust.

A clean central heating system will help prevent boiler break downs, although there may be a small cost involved to achieve this, at least it can be scheduled in, Unlike a boiler break down that will inevitably come at the worst time, when it’s freezing or not the best time for another bill, which will far exceed a system clean, if a major part fails.

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