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So why bother having your boiler serviced?

So why bother having the boiler serviced?

Isn’t it a waste of time? The Boiler Guys give their verdict.

They say if it isn’t broke do not fix it, but modern boilers have parts that need cleaning. 

Boiler manufacturers recommend that boilers are serviced annually not just to comply with their terms and conditions for guarantee issues, but also because there are parts that need checking to ensure the boiler is operating correctly, and that there are no safety issues to be dealt with. During a service, an engineer will check the rate at which gas is being used. If the rate is too low or too high, it will affect the efficiency of the whole system. If a boiler fails to operate properly it can produce carbon monoxide in quantities that can be dangerous to health, and can cause death, so it is not really a case of ‘when it breaks I will fix’, it could be fatal. Boilers are generally made to a high specification, to ensure reliability and there are a number of safety features to prevent the boiler operating dangerously. 

As part of a boiler service a Gas Safe registered engineer will check that the gas pipe work to the entire property has no leaks, beyond any acceptable limits, before the boiler is even touched, and the pipe work is checked again after the service to ensure the system is no worse than the initial pressure results, this is especially significant as we are effectively making sure there are no minor leaks and that any other appliances are also sound. 

Most people when asked would probably say they would take safety precautions to protect their loved one’s right down to ‘Colin the family pet’, but somehow do not think the Gas supply to their home does not need checking occasionally. 

Gas Safe has carried out a survey to check the quality of gas installations throughout the country, and their findings were staggering, if you visit you will be able to type in your post code and read the results for yourself. 

Gas Safety Tips

A stitch in time saves LIVES 

Please check your carbon monoxide detector is still in date and press the test button 

If your boiler starts making unusual noises get it checked 

If the water runs hot and cold get it checked 

If it has not had a service since it was installed get it serviced. 

If the radiators are cold at the bottom and hot at the top, you are wasting gas and placing undue effort to the pump and other working parts. 

Ask your Gas Safe engineer to show you his Gas Safe ID before any work is carried out. 

If you have any concerns about your boiler or any other appliance we are here to help.

Stay Gas Safe

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