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Is your boiler prepared for winter?

A sharp cold snap could kill your boiler. A lot of people take the view if something is not broken, then don’t fix it, there is a lot of merit in this point of view for most things in life, but when it comes to boilers there are a lot of things going on in the system that we cannot see. During the course of a central heating systems life air will enter the radiators and corrode the steel, this causes small deposits Magnetite, which is an oxides of Iron, this has the effect of creating a sludge..


So why bother having your boiler serviced?

So why bother having the boiler serviced?Isn’t it a waste of time? The Boiler Guys of Epsom give their verdict.They say if it isn’t broke do not fix it, but modern boilers have parts that need cleaning. Boiler manufacturers recommend that boilers are serviced annually not just to comply with their terms and conditions for guarantee issues, but also because there are parts that need checking to ensure the boiler is operating correctly, and that there are no safety issues to be dealt with....


What are the advantages of a wet room?

Replacing your bath or simply adding a wet room to your home is often a big decision but it can often be the best decision made by a household. Not only does a wet room look stylish and provide a hugely practical solution to bathing, it also future proofs your home.